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Don't take my word for it.
Check out what some of my amazing,

multi-talented and award-winning

author clients have to say.

Rachel is the most enthusiastic, positive, and all-around knowledgeable marketing guru and delightful person who I’ve ever met! She's opened my eyes to so many new ways of getting more visibility and traction for my book. I no longer feel like I'm alone on this marketing journey. And I can't wait to see what we will create together next!

DH Larkin

Award-winning true crime memoir author Deborah Holt Larkin headshot

Rachel’s opened my eyes to so many new ways of getting more visibility and traction for my book.  The dazzling, eye-catching graphics we’ve created for social media and Facebook ads have helped bring more traffic to my site, and my book’s sales have measurably increased.


Most of all, Rachel has helped me look at marketing in new and unexpected ways. She is the most enthusiastic, positive, and all-around knowledgeable marketing guru and delightful person who I’ve ever met! I no longer feel like I'm alone on this marketing journey. Rachel is my cheerleader and it's a joy having her as my coach… 


 Most recently, we collaborated on a beautiful video book trailer which has received tons of positive feedback from fans online as well as at in-person events. I’m so proud of this compelling trailer. It has definitely set my book apart and added additional polish to my presentations. My agent loves it. She immediately suggested sharing it with the producers who’ve optioned the film rights for my book. And the producer, who is packaging it for production as a limited series on a streaming platform, immediately saw possibilities for leveraging the trailer. “This will be super helpful as we continue to share our pitch!”  


We’ve had so much fun working together! I can't wait to see what Rachel and I will create together next! 

Award-winning author Connard Hogan wearing a blue shirt

Without [Rachel's] guidance I wouldn't have been brave enough to take the next steps along my author journey. Throughout this entire process of expanding my author platform, Rachel's been an intrepid and effervescent cheerleader in my corner. We make a powerful TEAM and I look forward to seeing what we will create in the future together.

She’s truly been an instrumental part of my success today as an author from: guiding me in branding myself as an author; launching my quarterly newsletter; marketing myself on the most relevant social media platforms best suited for me; helping me create graphics for book signings; assisting me in creating Facebook invites; coaching me in navigating my website design; connecting me with the Nonfiction Writers Conference, which led to connecting me with my publisher; helping me market my book by coaching, interviewing me and doing a virtual book launch; and interviewing me for my first smashing success at an in-person book signing in Santa Barbara. 

I wouldn’t be at this point in my author’s journey without Rachel.

Author and cofounder of Acorn Publishing LLC Holly Kammier headshot

If you're seeking a coach who can propel your author journey to new heights, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Rachel. She's not only an expert in her field but also a genuine cheerleader for your success. With her by your side, your author brand and business will undoubtedly shine brighter than ever before.

Working with Rachel as my author branding, marketing, and accountability coach has been a game-changer for our hybrid publishing company, Acorn Publishing, LLC. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, where her enthusiasm and sparkly energy immediately caught my attention. 


As a thriving publishing company, we faced challenges with our SEO, which affected our online visibility. Our website was nowhere to be found on Google, buried in the abyss of search results. Within just one session with Rachel, she astutely identified the root of the problem and provided actionable solutions. Thanks to her expert guidance, our website swiftly climbed back to the first page of Google searches. Forty-eight hours following her advice, we've already received multiple requests from potential clients.


Rachel's knowledge and expertise span a wide range of topics, including SEO, marketing, author platforms, and branding. Her ability to customize her approach to meet us right where we are on our author's journey is truly commendable. With Rachel's guidance, our author brand and business now sparkle and are prominently visible in the world.

One little thing has MAJOR impact. One hour of time with Rachel will probably pay bigger dividends than a $30,000 PR campaign we would have done. That is a MASSIVE return on investment.


Rachel is our "sparkly superhero!"

Bestselling author and Lyme survivor Caroline Deloreto smiling

Rachel has been an amazing cheerleader and invaluable source of support on my journey. She helped get my book the attention it needed to take off...I love to write but speaking at an event felt so overwhelming and Rachel took me under her wing. She gave me the courage and structure through interviewing me and set up a plan to make my dream come true of getting my book out to help the people who need it. I am so grateful!

Vocal coach and author Cheryl Kain author

I could write for days around what Rachel has taught me as an author!


Her marketing workshop was a game-changer! I've been afraid of being out in the world as an author and after attending Rachel's seminar I had a breakthrough in allowing this part of myself to step forward into my dream. I feel empowered and on fire. She gave me the courage to step out into the world as an author.


As soon as I finished her seminar I took an action item she recommended....and I feel like I just birthed my author self! 

As a writer with marketing dread, I was delighted with her engaging presentation. Her love of fellow writers is evident in her warm, accessible demeanor. She creates a really warm, safe space and comes across in an authentic or genuine way. And she actually made [learning about marketing] fun! Rachel debunked some of my marketing myths, and her layout was colorful, easy and fun.

Rachel's helped me have so many breakthroughs as a writer. 


My mind has now been changed around marketing.

And I can't wait to discover more!

Mommy blogger, author, and neurodivergent/ADHD parenting advocate Jennifer Gay Summers headshot

Working with Rachel has been an absolute delight! She brings a new perspective to my author's journey with many creative ideas. Since I first began working with her, she's helped me see my author brand and platform with a fresh perspective. In past years, I authored a book in a different genre which—while it's been a part of my writing journey—no longer reflects my direction. Together, Rachel and I have honed in on my author platform to rebrand myself with my upcoming memoir. 


I’m thrilled to have Rachel as a part of my support team! Together, we have brainstormed ways to grow my platform, mapped out short-and long-term author goals, reframed my blogging to better suit my brand, and designed new business cards. She has also helped me rebrand my website and launch a newsletter. I love the fun, positive energy and strong support she brings to each of our sessions.


I am grateful to have Rachel’s direction with my marketing strategies and her advice on how to navigate the different publishing pathways available to authors.


Rachel's bright “spark” motivates, encourages, and inspires me!


Author and editor Gail Reuben Kerzner headshot

I loved every minute of experiencing Rachel’s sparkling personality and effervescent personality in a recent webinar as she presented 12 memorable book marketing tips—plus!

Talk about creative, unique slides worth saving!


Her knowledge and how-tos can kick-start any author on the process to marketing their book.


Her presentation was worth its weight in sparking gold. I’ll be back for more!

Writer and blogger Karen Custer Thurston wearing a white outfit and a turquoise pashmina standing in a white archway

From the time I began working with Rachel, I have felt that I am sipping from a sparkling fountain of creativity. to what what I need, [from designing my website to focusing my brand to editing my stories for submission to tutoring me on Instagram] I have learned that Rachel has the answer, the wisdom, the guidance and the technological expertise to assist me.

I wouldn’t be on Instagram if Rachel hadn’t encouraged me and tutored me on it. I had multiple accounts and was spinning my wheels in the mud. Thanks to Rachel’s help with Instagram, my world has opened up and I’m engaging with new people from around the world. 

Founder of BA-Cube Angela Wick headshot

There's a spark of something magical that came about when Rachel came in to work with me. I think it's part of her coaching skills and energy, it gave me a path forward. [I've experienced] a 180 degree shift of progress, of energy, of everything in my business now.

I love working with Rachel! Her combination of creativity and analysis drives insightful ideas from her and within myself.  She is able to see the ecosystem as a whole and connect ideas together that have multi-level impact on my marketing systems.  Rachel helped me find my own energy for marketing initiatives and provided me with a combination of insights, goal setting, design recommendations, user experience ideas, and a successful webinar process that I can repeat!

Co-founder of Get Hooked Seafood Kimberly Selkoe headshot

I've been talking to people for months trying to uncover the direction I want to go in with my business and still feeling confused. But talking with Rachel in one session just got me there like phew (cue light saber sound), like a Laser hitting its target. She shone a bright light on my path moving forward. Thanks to Rachel’s strong intuition and inspiring ideas.

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