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Raves & Praise

Don't take my word for it.
Check out what some of my amazing and

multi-talented clients have to say.

See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every
time with every per
Bob Proctor


Without [Rachel's] guidance I wouldn't have been brave enough to take the next steps along my author journey. Throughout this entire process of expanding my author platform, Rachel's been an intrepid and effervescent cheerleader in my corner. We make a powerful TEAM and I look forward to seeing what we will create in the future together.


Rachel has been an amazing cheerleader and invaluable source of support on my journey. She helped get my book the attention it needed to take off...I love to write but speaking at an event felt so overwhelming and Rachel took me under her wing. She gave me the courage and structure thorough interviewing me and set up a plan to make my dream come true of getting my book out to help the people who need it. I am so grateful!

From the time I began working with Rachel, I have felt that I am sipping from a sparkling fountain of creativity. to what what I need, [from designing my website to focusing my brand to editing my stories for submission to tutoring me on Instagram] I have learned that Rachel has the answer, the wisdom, the guidance and the technological expertise to assist me.


There's a spark of something magical that came about when Rachel came in to work with me. I think it's part of her coaching skills and energy, it gave me a path forward. [I've experienced] a 180 degree shift of progress, of energy, of everything in my business now."


I've been talking to people for months trying to uncover the direction I want to go in with my business and still feeling confused. But talking with Rachel in one session just got me there like phew (cue light saber sound), like a Laser hitting its target. She shone a bright light on my path moving forward. Thanks to Rachel’s strong intuition and inspiring ideas.

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