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Training & Events

Check out some of my upcoming

appearances, training, and seminars.

I'll be regularly updating this page as new events

and training courses come up.

Please consider joining me for one of

these upcoming training events which will help you

and your book(s) SHINE AND SPARKLE

more BRIGHTLY in the world!

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Attending Rachel's marketing webinar was a game-changer! For years I've been afraid of being out in the world as an author but after watching her seminar I had a breakthrough in allowing this part of myself to step forward into my dream. I immediately took one of her recommended action steps around my website and feel like I just birthed my author self!


Thanks to her, I feel empowered and on fire.

She helped give me the courage to believe in my self as an author.

I can't wait to discover more! 

Cheryl Kain

June 2024

Sun. June 9th through Fri. June 14th, 2024

Image of a vintage typewriter
Santa Barbara Writers Conference logo with an illustration of the ocean waves and the sun

Author Branding,

Platform Building, and Book Marketing Consultant

Mon. June 10th through Fri. June 14th

Throughout the conference week I will be offering complimentary author consults to full-time attendees around their author branding, platform building, and book marketing needs. You can sign-up with me at the registration desk. Based on first-come, first served.

Marketing Seminar Presenter for

"The Top 12 Magical Marketing Moves to Elevate Your Author Brand and Make Your Book(s) Sparkle, Stand out, and Achieve Marketplace Success!" and Leader of "Authors of the Round Table" 

Thur. June 13th from 1 to 3:30 p.m.

in the Pacific Ballroom

This interactive and multimedia marketing seminar will provide a blueprint for authors on how to leverage the latest marketing strategies so that their author brands and book(s) can achieve SPARKLING marketplace success! Following Rachel's presentation will be a discussion with the "Authors of the Round Table" as they discuss which marketing strategies have worked the best for them over the years of their author careers. The Round Table will include 5 award-winning and best-selling Southern California based authors who represent a range of publishing pathways (traditional, hybrid, and self-published) and genres including: Paul Levine, Matthew J. Pallamary, Anita Perez Ferguson, Deborah Holt Larkin, and Connard Hogan

Panelist on the "Author Platform" Panel

Fri. June 14th from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Pacific Ballroom


This lively panel on the last day of the conference will be moderated by Marla Miller and will cover the many elements needed to build a successful author platform.

Rachel Sarah Thurston, award-winning author Connard Hogan, and editor and author Dale Griffiths Stamos stand smiling together
Author Lizzy Wright, her mom, and Rachel Sarah Thurston during an author consult at Santa Barbara Writers Conference
Flier for "Book Marketing Magic" seminar by Rachel Sarah Thurston at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference
flier for the Santa Barbara Writers Conference author platform panel with Marla Miller, Rachel Sarah Thurston, Lisa Angle

August 2024

Women In Publishing Summit,

WIP School, and Write Publish Sell

Pink and turquoise women in publishing summit logo
Write Publish Sell logo
flier for Author Branding webinar by Rachel Sarah Thurston for the Women In Publishing Summit

      In this engaging and interactive webinar, we’ll be discussing “THE SPARKLING 6 C’s” that comprise a successful brand and how to build one which is uniquely and authentically YOU. This workshop will help authors of all kinds and creeds—from beginning to advanced level authors (across all publishing pathways) and industry professionals—learn the most impactful tools for building a consistent, irresistible, and engaging author brand. You’ll be discovering your “what” and your “why” for why you write. You’ll then learn how to transform your magical “secret sauce” into a SPARKLING AUTHOR BRAND of your own! 


     Rachel will also be sharing a series of tips which authors can implement to ensure an engaging, vibrant brand which fosters enthusiastic loyalty among your fanbase, and will help YOU, YOUR AUTHOR BRAND and YOUR BOOKS stand out and SHINE among your peers!


     At the end of this presentation, you will understand these "Sparkling" key takeaways:

  • What an author brand is and why it's so vital to build along your author's journey

  • Why the “Sparkling 6 C’s” are a hallmark of any strong and effective brand

  • How to identify your authentic author brand and how to make it compelling, vibrant, and visually consistent 

  • How to make your author brand STAND OUT and SPARKLE among your peers while fostering enthusiastic loyalty among your readers


     Bring a cup of tea or coffee and come prepared to take notes, have some fabulous fun, and look at your author’s journey with a fresh set of eyes. 


      Let’s get ready to RUMBLE and focus on manifesting your SPARKLING AUTHOR BRAND!  


      Rachel looks forward to meeting you!




I'll be telling my subscribers about my new event updates so please consider signing up for my monthly newsletter

(filled with lots of other goodies as well!).

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